B2B Service Guide June 2017 Communications Systems

Does Your Phone System Work As Hard As You Do?

50% of potential clients choose to do business with the first vendor that responds to an inquiry. Approximately 86% of initial phone calls to businesses go unanswered or are put on hold.  In 2017 there are so many ways to communicate, but a business's phone system is still probably the most important tool in its bag of tricks. Is your phone system doing everything it can to make sure you are available when your customers need you or a potential customer calls for the first time?

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B2B Service Guide April 2017 Credit Card Processing Services

Credit Card Processing with Eministration:
So many consumers prefer to use credit and debit cards as their payment method. Whether they are accumulating points to go on a dream vacation or just prefer to avoid cash and checks, businesses who do not accept credit/debit cards are at a distinct disadvantage. What consumers often do not understand are the fees associated with accepting credit and debit cards. Eministration is helping business owners substantially cut their credit card fees and we want to make sure you know we offer this value added service.

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Opelika Power Scam Alert

Several local Opelika businesses has notified our office that they were called requesting payment on their power bill to made.  They were given the number 888-667-1090 to call to make their payment to OPS.

Opelika Power Services is your hometown provider and we do not have ANY 800 numbers.  The only number you should ever call to make a payment to OPS is 705-5170.

If you receive a call for payment, please hang up and call our office immediately to confirm that you are speaking to someone with OPS.  You should also call our office to confirm that you have a balance that needs to be paid.

Please pass this scam alert on to your business friends and make everyone aware that this is happening.

June I. Owens

Manager of Marketing and Communications

Opelika Power Scam Alert

July 14th -- ANOTHER SCAM ALERT!!!

Opelika Power Services wants its customers (both residential and business) to be ON THE ALERT against SCAM ARTISTS who have been calling Opelika Power Services Customers stating that they owe money (usually several hundreds of dollars) to OPS and that their power will be cut off if they don't "pay up".

The numbers are coming through from an area code number of 801 as well as 888-610-5575.

When you call the 888-610-5575, they answer as Opelika Power Services. 

These are not OPS numbers.



• Our billing comes out to our customers the same way it always has.

1. Take down the “instructions” they give you
2. Take down the 800 given to you
3. Try to get a name of “who” has called you
4. CALL OPS at (334) 705-5170 and talk to a customer service representative.


Ransomware attacks have seen a 165% increase in Q1 of 2015.  There are several variants of this attack such as CBT-Locker, Crypto Wall 3.0, Teslacrypt and many more.  These viruses are constantly changing how they are deployed which is making it extremely hard for antivirus distributers to keep up and create definitions to block these attacks.  Ransomware\Malware can be deployed from legitimate websites  that participate in ad networks. When visiting the website, the malicious ad will launch an executable file on your PC without your approval or knowledge.

We've seen 2 new variants of Cryptowall this week and was able to stop both before they were able to destroy our clients networks.

With such a huge increase in these attacks and ever changing deployment methods the best practice to prevent infection is safe computing and quality IT management.  Be safe, not sorry.  If your staff needs to visit Facebook, etc, then isolate a PC for this purpose.

Some safe computing tips to follow are provided by MIT at this link.

Should you become infected with any virus you’ll want to immediately shut down your computer and remove the network cord and power cord.  You will then want to notify your IT professional so they can resolve the situation.  This is extremely important in the case of ransomware as these viruses systematically encrypt your data to the point that in most cases it all becomes unrecoverable.  The faster you can get your machine turned off the higher chance you have of data retention.  If you haven’t started backing up your data or you’re not sure where to start, Eministration can help! 

Don’t be “that” company! Don’t rely on your cousins, uncles, nephew’s brother to keep you safe.  Hire proper IT.  Hire Professional IT.  Hire Qualified IT. 

Hire Eministration!

Protect your IT!

Malware has been hitting hard lately and many sites have been infected.  Sites differ when it comes to internet usage and antivirus/malware protection.  However, they are identical when it comes to infection.  The infections come from the following locations:

  • Spam emails that contain links or attachments

  • Blogs and forums that are spammed with links to adult videos

  • User-generated content spam (e.g. fake videos)

  • Malicious banner advertisements

  • Pirated software (‘warez’) and pornography sites

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) poisoning

  • Fake torrent files or files on file sharing networks

  • Web pages containing exploits

Malware is a serious problem that AV and Malware protection providers are scratching their heads on how to solve.  Without boring you with the technical details on how it keeps happening, I will make some basic recommendations to help keep critical PCs running.

  1. Removal of all non-business critical software from workstations.

  2. Create an appropriate use policy that prohibits all personal internet usage on business critical workstations.

  3. Ban all non-business websites and http traffic when possible.

Eministration can facilitate the protection services needed to keep your business healthy.  Our health agents include monitored Anti-Virus, MalwareBytes Professional (not the free stuff!), software and hardware inventory control, two-factor remote office authentication for remote workers and monitoring of critical business machines.

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