Ransomware attacks have seen a 165% increase in Q1 of 2015.  There are several variants of this attack such as CBT-Locker, Crypto Wall 3.0, Teslacrypt and many more.  These viruses are constantly changing how they are deployed which is making it extremely hard for antivirus distributers to keep up and create definitions to block these attacks.  Ransomware\Malware can be deployed from legitimate websites  that participate in ad networks. When visiting the website, the malicious ad will launch an executable file on your PC without your approval or knowledge.

We've seen 2 new variants of Cryptowall this week and was able to stop both before they were able to destroy our clients networks.

With such a huge increase in these attacks and ever changing deployment methods the best practice to prevent infection is safe computing and quality IT management.  Be safe, not sorry.  If your staff needs to visit Facebook, etc, then isolate a PC for this purpose.

Some safe computing tips to follow are provided by MIT at this link.

Should you become infected with any virus you’ll want to immediately shut down your computer and remove the network cord and power cord.  You will then want to notify your IT professional so they can resolve the situation.  This is extremely important in the case of ransomware as these viruses systematically encrypt your data to the point that in most cases it all becomes unrecoverable.  The faster you can get your machine turned off the higher chance you have of data retention.  If you haven’t started backing up your data or you’re not sure where to start, Eministration can help! 

Don’t be “that” company! Don’t rely on your cousins, uncles, nephew’s brother to keep you safe.  Hire proper IT.  Hire Professional IT.  Hire Qualified IT. 

Hire Eministration!