Protect your IT!

Malware has been hitting hard lately and many sites have been infected.  Sites differ when it comes to internet usage and antivirus/malware protection.  However, they are identical when it comes to infection.  The infections come from the following locations:

  • Spam emails that contain links or attachments

  • Blogs and forums that are spammed with links to adult videos

  • User-generated content spam (e.g. fake videos)

  • Malicious banner advertisements

  • Pirated software (‘warez’) and pornography sites

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) poisoning

  • Fake torrent files or files on file sharing networks

  • Web pages containing exploits

Malware is a serious problem that AV and Malware protection providers are scratching their heads on how to solve.  Without boring you with the technical details on how it keeps happening, I will make some basic recommendations to help keep critical PCs running.

  1. Removal of all non-business critical software from workstations.

  2. Create an appropriate use policy that prohibits all personal internet usage on business critical workstations.

  3. Ban all non-business websites and http traffic when possible.

Eministration can facilitate the protection services needed to keep your business healthy.  Our health agents include monitored Anti-Virus, MalwareBytes Professional (not the free stuff!), software and hardware inventory control, two-factor remote office authentication for remote workers and monitoring of critical business machines.

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