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It is important to stay organized with your company even when you aren’t able to go into the office to continue business as usual. Adjusting to a remote working situation can be seamless with the correct resources. Google’s G Suite allows you and your business to conduct virtual meetings, sync multiple employees’ calendars, share documents and more with business-grade services.


With a G Suite plan, you will be able to maintain communication with everyone in your company and outside clients in a professional and safe manner. Your business will have custom Gmail email accounts ( If needed, you can migrate an existing email to G Suite. Your company will stay organized and on schedule with Google Calendar. You can create a calendar that is accessible to everyone in your organization. Google Meet allows you to have virtual meetings with people in your organization or anyone else who you share the link to the meeting with. Google Meet includes video conferencing and screen sharing so that you can conduct meetings easily from remote locations.


Staying organized is a challenge especially when the circumstances are changed and you need to adjust to a new working environment. Google Drive allows you to store, access and share your files all from one secure location. Each G Suite user gets 30GB of cloud storage shared across Drive and Gmail, but you can upgrade to unlimited storage for an additional fee. Collaborate with other individuals or companies and send files back and forth using Google Docs and Google Sheets. These tools allow you to easily get feedback and comments from team members, keep track of budgets and so much more. One of the best features of Google Docs and Sheets is the real-time commenting and unlimited versions. Previous versions are kept indefinitely and they don’t count toward your storage.


You don’t have to skip a beat when your company transitions to remote work if you use G Suite. The ample tools that are included allow you to conduct business as usual even from a distance. Keep up with your employees and clients easily and securely.