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Whether you work in an office or conduct your business from home, it’s important to have a working communication system that you can rely on. Traditional phone services for an entire business can be expensive and offer limited mobility. With VoIP solutions from Eministration, you can communicate professionally via nearly any device with just an internet connection.

VoIP Solutions

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Voice solutions are a hardware/software program that conducts phone calls and other communication services via internet connection rather than traditional phone services. Voice over Internet Protocol turns your personal phone, PC, office phone(s), tablet, or other device into your professional business phone. All you need is an internet connection. VoIP solutions also offer additional services such as faxing, conference calls, long distance and domestic communication, and more at a fraction of the cost of traditional phone companies.

Call from Anywhere

Voice solutions allows you to continue your professional communications from anywhere on any device without compromising your personal privacy. With our program installed, you can access your business phone from any device with an app. The mobile app will even hide your direct cell number from clients, so you can maintain professionalism and personal privacy.

Customize your Voice Solutions

Another benefit of using VoIP solutions is being able to customize your VoIP system. You can subscribe to the number of lines you need for business with the ability to add/or remove lines as necessary. There are also a number of additional services you can use to enhance your VoIP system. Some of these include: automatic direct call routing, fax management, call forwarding and screening, Remote Market Numbers, conferencing with up to 150 participants, toll free numbers, and Voicemail.


Maintain excellent customer service and client communication in a professional manner at a lower cost, with better service/phone quality, and even while working remotely. Eministration’s Voice Solutions can equip you with all of this and more based on how you customize your system. Contact us today for a free quote and learn more about VoIP Solutions on our website at: