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Fee Reversal Processing

Most businesses aren’t too familiar with fee reversal processing, sometimes called zero free processing. The lack of knowledge on this subject often comes from the current processing company not informing your business on how fee reversal processing can help your business save money. Eministration gives you the option of employing fee reversal processing on whatever payment platform you already use. Let us take the hassle and the cost out of accepting credit cards at your business.

Changes in the processing industry have allowed merchants to reverse the fees to the consumer. The fee reversal for credit card processing essentially transfers some or all of the cost of accepting credit cards onto the customers who choose to use that payment method. This eliminates most of the processing fees that your business typically pays for. Eministration integrates a software into your payment platform of choice that seamlessly reverses fees automatically to the customer at the point of transaction. Our software solution allows your payment gateway, virtual terminal, countertop terminal, or point of sale (POS) system to detect when a credit card is used and automatically applies the appropriate charge to the purchase price. There’s nothing extra you have to do. When the consumer is ready to pay, simply run payment and the surcharge fee is added to the transaction.

Who is it for?

With credit card usage soaring and customers increasingly not carrying cash, the need for credit card processing at your business is greater than ever. No matter what type of business you are in, if you are suffering from paying too much, our solution is for you.

Whether you need to accept payments online, in-store or on-the-go, our fee reversal processing solution will save your business thousands annually. We want to help you make up for lost revenue.


Transactional fees are often the largest cost for any merchant. With Eministration’s help you are able to lower this expense. Contact us to get your business set up with fee reversal processing. Increase your revenue starting now!