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Great businesses are always looking for ways to improve their productivity and efficiency as a company. One great way to increase your employees’ productivity, office space, and monetary savings is through Server Virtualization.

What is Virtualization?

Server Virtualization, or virtualization, is creating a digital version of a physical server/operating system/ or other resource to use in place of the physical device. Virtual servers work faster, free up office space, and save money by not having to use those bulky machines to house and maintain the physical servers, and the virtual server can act as a host for a whole group of servers that share common resources.

Multiplication in Virtualization

Virtualization maximizes your server’s functioning capabilities and storage. Through server virtualization the physical server is converted to virtual form and divided into multiple independent virtual servers. Virtualization can hide server resources such as the number and ID of operating systems, processors, and individual physical servers from server users. Each virtual server can run its own operating system, is different, and can be completely independent of the other servers or function as a group connected with a virtual server host.

Improve System Performance

These independent virtual servers allow the entire server to increase its ability to function as a whole. By dividing one physical server into various virtual ones, the productivity of that individual server increases. It allows one server to do the work of multiple physical servers. These virtual servers help balance resources and customizes the use of these resources to each user, so they only use what they need. When you virtualize your server and improve your system performance, you get a faster and higher quality experience.

Who should Virtualize?

Virtualization is a great way to improve your business and operating systems, but it’s not for everybody. If your business doesn’t rely on technology, has less than 10 employees, or enjoys storing and using physical servers, then virtualization may not be for you. However, virtualization is an empowering move for companies who rely on technology to operate, or have more than 10 employees sharing a server/operating system, and/or need the office space and want to get rid of the bulky physical server machines/devices.


Reducing the number of physical servers you have will improve your productivity, office space, and your finances. Contact Eministration today for more information and ask how you can get virtualization services today!