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Businesses, both large and small, benefit from virtualization services. Running multiple operating systems can be a complicated and costly endeavor for your business. That’s why Eministration offers Microsoft Hyper-V to its clients. Microsoft Hyper-V is a Virtualization software that will take your multiple operating systems and put them into one physical OS as multiple virtual machines. With Microsoft Hyper-V, your operating systems are compatible and affordable. Here are some other ways Microsoft Hyper-V may be good for your company:


Utilizing virtualization of any kind is a plus for efficiency. Virtualization combines your servers into a shared online space that can be managed from one or few physical computers. Using fewer physical computers saves you physical space, requires less power to operate, and saves you money on power and cooling costs. With Hyper-V virtualization, you can save time managing your servers, space in the office, and money by condensing your servers to just a few PCs.


Virtualization in general offers a lot of flexibility for users, and Microsoft Hyper-V has plenty of features that foster flexibility and efficiency for your business. The computing environment of Microsoft Hyper-V allows you to have as much control over your virtual machines as you do over a physical computer. You can configure each virtual machine’s memory, processor, storage, and networking features to fit your specific needs in a variety of different ways.


Microsoft Hyper-V Replica is its disaster recovery feature. Replica offers remote and local recovery for businesses of all sizes. Its scalability allows you to integrate Replica with Azure site recovery and replicate on or off site with Azure. Recovery features are a must for any business; you need a way to protect your data and store it in case of a disaster. Replica in Microsoft Hyper-V makes this possible with quick recovery features and the ability to run workloads from a secondary site in the case of an outage.


Virtualization is an important part of any business’s operating systems. Microsoft Hyper-V is just one of the excellent services Eministration offers to its clients. Eministration makes no claims for one service being better than the other. We simply provide you with the information you need to select a service that best suits your business. To learn more about Hyper-V and its benefits, visit: