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Email communication is one of the most popular communication mediums for businesses today. Whether your business is small or the size of a corporation, email is essential to your daily business practices. For many companies, important, private, and sometimes strictly confidential information is shared via email. In the previous post, we discussed the necessity of email encryption to make sure no one but the sender and intended recipient could view the contents of the email. Now we’ll look into email archiving and why it’s just as important for your business’s email communication.

Function and Protection

Email Archiving is a way to store and organize every email you send and receive virtually forever. Eministration’s email archiving services function by capturing and storing every email on every device/ account that has activated the archiving service. The email and its contents are then duplicated and stored in the virtual cloud. This cloud-based solution gives your company unlimited storage and scalability. When you integrate Eministration’s easy to use email archiving services, your email content is secure, preserved, and custom controlled by you. Archiving your emails protects sensitive data from being tampered with or inappropriately used. By enabling email archiving services, you can access any and all emails deleted, sent, and received since the service was installed. Information is stored in individual customer silos to prevent corruption. The resilience of your data ensures its integrity as well. Custom permissions help protect records from loss, corruption, damage, or mandates.


Preserving emails with email archiving is practically fool proof and will save you from a lot of trouble later. As aforementioned, when you send and receive any emails the archiving service will immediately capture, copy, and distribute the content to the eight dispersed secure data-centers for safekeeping. In the cloud, your email information will be available virtually forever and can be safely deleted from your computer or device. Email archiving automatically saves copies of all of your emails, so if you ever need to access them unexpectedly, are court ordered to submit email threads, etc it will be easily searchable and accessible in the archive.


Finally, you have control over what accounts you want archived. You can have all, one, or a variety of different email accounts integrated with email archiving services. Eministration’s email archiving services will not force you to fit to a one-size-fits-all mode of archiving. You can customize your services based on what is best for your business. Custom permissions include those that restrict access to authorized users and administrators alone or grant other levels of accessibility to the company archive; manage user access to individual archives; build reports based on various criteria such as date, action, account, and more. You can also choose to implement email archiving provision for every new user.


Your information is protected and preserved in eight geographically dispersed data-centers as soon as it is sent or received. Your emails will remain searchable, organized, and recoverable whether they have been deleted or not. Email Archiving also saves time and complications if or when a court of law needs to access your email records for any legal reasons. This is why industry regulations are encouraging businesses to use email archiving. Email Archiving is an automatic service that is simple to setup and manage.

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