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Introducing Chromium on Edge

Microsoft Edge has announced some exciting new updates for the next version of Edge as well as some new features for older Windows browsers! The Window’s browser will now be powered by Chromium by Google. Microsoft realized that Google was far surpassing them in the competition, and by many user requests over time, it is now integrating Chromium into its browser software. This change will increase user experience with a stable connection and quick response time. Customers are already able to test the beta version of the new Edge browser.

Security Features

With the browser, Microsoft has included three levels of security/privacy features. Unrestricted, Balanced, and Strict modes will control the level at which companies can monitor a user’s internet activity. Microsoft wants to make sure their customers data is safe and secure. That’s why, especially in this new season for the company of changing browsers to Chromium, they intentionally analyzed and updated their security features.

The New Collection

When the official chromium Edge browser is launched across Windows platforms, we will begin to see unique Edge features such as Collection. Collection is a tool that compiles, saves, and has the ability to export, copy to a document, and reload multiple tabs in a webpage. This feature will be a great asset for students, researchers, and reporters alike! 

Internet Explorer Mode

Additionally, Microsoft will introduce an “Internet Explorer Mode” that allows older web pages, that maybe aren’t supported by updated browsers, to run. Good news for companies and IT teams who may currently work from multiple browsers.  With the IE mode, they can access their internal sites in one browser and have the modern browser experience that is not available in older versions of Internet explorer.


The chromium browser change will be “behind the scenes” so no need to worry about any major design changes. Students, Reporters, and just multiple tab users can test the Collections feature as well! If you are interested in these new Microsoft features you can test some of them now! Just go to Microsoft Edge Insider and follow the instructions for downloading.

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