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With the majority of employees today working from their personal mobile devices (or desiring to), it is necessary for businesses to be able to protect their company’s information and maintain security across their employees’ various devices. Eministration offers Mobile IT management to keep your business secure and managed effectively.


“Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) offers several benefits for businesses and employees alike. Employees tend to work more efficiently on their own devices. It also allows employees to work remotely and finish tasks at nearly any given time, so urgent projects won’t be missed by being out of the office. In a study by Insights, 58% of participants admitted to almost always using their smartphones or personal devices for work activities. It helps them be more productive and produce higher quality work.

It also can save your company about $350 each year per employee, according to Cisco and increases productivity by 34% (Frost & Sullivan). The main concern for companies is data security, and thankfully this is where Eministration’s mobile IT management can help.

Mobile Device Management

Giving employees the freedom and flexibility to work from personal/mobile devices involves some risks that require professional IT management to maximize security and mobile efficiency. What if the device is lost or stolen, misused, hacked, etc? While there are significant security risks involved in the use of personal devices in the workplace, there are services in place to help minimize and monitor those risks.

Eministration offers complete Mobile IT services to equip employees with the software they need to work efficiently, maintain security for your company, and effectively manage all devices. Some solutions include using encryption, VPNs, and authentication to manage security on employees’ personal devices.


The BYOD trend is only going to increase. Especially now, as many employees are required to work from home your company’s data security is at a greater risk if you aren’t utilizing Mobile IT management. For more information and to receive a free quote, contact Eministration via phone or email.