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Communication is key. When you run a successful business, connecting with clients, partners, and employees is essential. If you want to maintain or improve your business, quality communication services are necessary. Eministration offers the best voice solutions for your business. Our SIP Trunking/VoIP services cost less than most phone providers, give you more control over your system, increase business continuity, and let you customize your system by selecting just the number of trunks you need (and easily add more) and selecting from a variety of enhanced features to propel your business forward.  VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or SIP Trunking is compatible with most phone providers. What the system does is reroute your calls through the internet medium which saves money, secures connection, simplifies control, and supports your business continuity and growth.

Cost & Control

Your current monthly phone bill (Non-VoIP*)  can be reduced up to 50% per month with our voice solutions! When you switch to Eministration’s SIP Trunking you’ll get a customized, reliable, and easy to use telecom system that can work with your current phone set, or with your savings you can purchase more enhanced features to improve your business and/or an entirely new phone system. Managing your VoIP system is simple and universal through the system’s web portal. You’ll be able to view and access your system through any of your devices. Eministration SIP Trunking services are renewed monthly, so you are free from extensive contracts.


Not only is it cost effective, but VoIP systems offer the most reliable phone connections as well. By using Eministration voice solutions, your business will have a failover routing feature. This ensures that you won’t lose connection in the case of a power outage or other unexpected event. The system will redirect incoming calls to an alternate number by location or by DID at no extra cost. Our systems also come with crystal clear voice quality, so you’ll be able to focus on what your caller is saying rather than struggling to understand them due to poor audio.


Voice solutions offered by Eministration are all supported by strong security services. Your system will have destination monitoring that identifies fraud patterns, authentication for outgoing calls, geographical IP address registration restrictions, firewall protection, international call blocking for detected fraud, and strong password protocol. With superior security and 24/7 technical support, you can be confident that your system is protected and provided with high quality service. Our SIP trunking is hosted in top of the line data-centers with the best defenses and security against outages and disruptions. Data-centers are dispersed in various geographic locations for the best availability and traffic routing. Mirrored data-centers exist to instantly restore services in the unlikely event of a disruption. The level of technical architecture used gives businesses the most clear voice quality possible.

Continuity / Customization

There are features you can implement into your voice services for a custom plan. 

  • Auto Attendant answers and routes calls directly to the person a caller needs.
  • WebFax lets you manage, send, and receive faxes with your PC. 
  • FollowMe provides call forwarding, screening, and sequential/simultaneous ringing. 
  • Remote Market Numbers establishes a market presence without the costs associated with a physical location. 
  • Conferencing feature allows reserved or reservation-less conference calls with up to 150 participants.
  •  Toll Free Numbers services are dedicated toll-free numbers for inbound calling. 
  • Voicemail is a dedicated voicemail box that can be used in the event of a local outage and for calls attempted after hours. 

These optional features can enhance productivity and business continuity.


If your business has or needs a quality telecom system, SIP trunking/VoIP services will save you money, simplify controls, secure your connection, and support the growth of your business and continuity.

Contact Eministration today to learn more about the modern business phone and request a quote!

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