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ConnectID: SSO

When you move your business to the cloud, you’ll find there are even more benefits available than those that lead you to make the transition. One of these additional benefits is the ConnectID: Single Sign On Service. Single sign on makes logging into your various web applications and accounts simple. When you add single sign on to your cloud features, your employees and users will need only one username and password to enable access to all of their web applications registered in the cloud. By purchasing the Single Sign in Service your company will have increased security, simplified user experience, and cut some costs.


ConnectID’s single sign-on service  provides an SSO portal for more than 1500 cloud and proprietary apps. By reducing the passwords your employees need to remember to one, strong password policies can be easily adopted and enforced. Your employees will also be less likely to take security shortcuts. Single sign-on lets admin and users add 2-factor authentication to any app. This will add yet another level of security to your business cloud and information data.


The Single Sign-on service eliminates the need to bookmark any login pages. Instead, your users will have quick and easy access to their business applications. With just one log in, your employees will have access to all of the registered apps and services they need to be productive. The single sign-on service will also save you money! You won’t have to spend money on license waste. The service also reduces the number of IT help desk calls necessary for resetting credentials or gaining access to apps. ConnectID provides simple access to cloud apps no matter where they are! Users can have easy single sign on service on any device at any location. The featured 2-Factor authentication will decrease the likelihood of security breaches by adding an extra layer of security to your cloud!


If your business, large or small, uses many applications and accounts to do your work, you would benefit well from adding ConnectID Single Sign-on service to your Business Cloud Solutions! 

  • Simplified Log In
  • Save Money
  • Increase Productivity
  • Improve Security with just one strong password

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