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It’s almost time for the next major semi annual Microsoft update, and we have the details of the new changes and features you should know about. Microsoft has revealed what’s new about Windows 10 version 1909, also known as 19H2, being released in November 2019. With no major changes included here, version 1909 is pretty similar to the last update with a few differences that will enhance the user experience.

Updated Notification Settings

First on the list is an update to notification settings. Not only will there be a new button in the action center that will open your notification settings page, but there will also be a button on every notification that will send you directly to that specific app’s settings. These notification management updates will give you easier and speedier access to general notification settings and specific apps without the hassle of combing through all of your settings’ categories.

Another feature for notifications is the global mute option. Global Notification Mute will be located in the updated Notifications Settings and will silence audible notification alerts without turning off notifications or muting your entire sound system, and the notifications will be listed by most recent sender.

New and Improved

The User Experience and User Interface have gotten a facelift as well. Besides a more aesthetically pleasing design, users can add and schedule events/meetings on their calendars, without having to use the calendar app! The calendar flyout form will let you choose a name, date, time, and icon for your event and add it to your calendar without the hassle.

The Start Menu will provide a descriptive text for each of its apps when you hover the mouse over it a bit longer, and the virtual assistant will be voice activated on the top of the lock screen and allow for a greater level of integration with digital assistant Alexa.

Some of the PCs with Windows 10 1909/19H2 will have longer battery life, efficiency, and fair distribution of work in “preferred” cores in a computer. Also, it was previously required that Windows hosts and containers must be at the same level, but not anymore! Now, users may opt to run a lower level container than the host. Lastly, for accessibility, assistive technologies, including the Narrator will be able to read where the FN key is on keyboards and determine its active status.

Enterprise and OEM Features

Microsoft has also included updates that are particularly valuable for enterprises and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). You can learn more about these particular features at


When this new version is officially released, you will need to manually install the update since Microsoft has ceased automatically installing updates. While this update is not a major one, there are still some valuable and convenient updates that will improve your user experience.

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