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Office in the Cloud

In the modern business world, there are a lot of programs and productivity applications for your business to choose from. It could be a difficult and prolonged search to find just what you are looking for, but it doesn’t have to be. Eministration offers business in the cloud with Microsoft Office 365. Office Cloud is one of the best solutions to help your business achieve excellent productivity.  Office 365 is reliable, easy-to-use, and increasingly secure. It also offers a wide range of additional services. You can customize your Office Cloud solution to best suit your business as well.

Instant Access

With Office Cloud, you can access files from anywhere. Your business and employees won’t be limited to working on one device. Files created and stored in Office 365 will be available whenever you need them. That’s part of the beauty of the cloud! Instant access to all your files on all your devices. This is a tremendous enhancement to your business. Your business will gain both mobility and agility– increasing your employees’ productivity and efficiency.

Consistency is Key

Office 365 knows that change can be challenging, but they also know that it doesn’t have to be. That’s why the applications and features of the Office Cloud are universal across PCs and various platforms such as web, desktop, and mobile. The features of Office 365 remain familiar and easy to use and learn. IT doesn’t have to be complicated, and Office Cloud applications are just one example of simple, professional, advanced technology in the realm of Business Cloud Solutions. The Office Cloud also initiates its own upgrades, so your technology will always be equipped with the most updated and newest features.

Enhanced Security

Unlike other programs and applications, Office 365 does not collect any customer data to use for advertisements. Your data will belong to you, the customer. Office Cloud can be trusted to protect your information. The information you provide will be used only in the manner agreed upon and always in a secure manner. The Office Cloud includes an incident response system that detects, analyzes, contains, and eradicates threats to your system. It takes preventative, defensive, and reflective measurements to ensure your system is as secure as possible and better protected for the future.

Supplemental Services

In addition to its own features, Eministration offers complimentary features and benefits to Office 365 with its Business Cloud Solutions. Some of these features include email archiving, continuity, encryption, backup, and more. Take a look at our services page and contact us for more information on how to enhance your Office Cloud experience for your business.


In this day and age technology is advancing rapidly, so you’ll need solutions that can keep up with the changes on their own. By using Office Cloud, you’ll stay up to date with the latest features automatically and have access to any and all of your files whenever and wherever you need them. Office 365 takes some of the pains of change away by keeping the user experience simple and familiar across all platforms. Maximize your Business Solutions with Office Cloud– customize features and services and integrate other compatible Business Cloud Solutions offered by Eministration with your Office Cloud.

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